Monday, 20 May 2013

Design constraints : How pain became a good design constraint

Don't worry! I will not be talking about how to hurt yourself to create more creativity. Mentioning pain as a design constraint will be just an example on how to use the negative to create the positive.

There are moments when I go dancing, I got some pain in my back, knee, arm , whatever hurts that day, ... Everything can hurt when you do breakdance! This pain makes me feel very uncomfortable when dancing which results that all my concentration and energy goes to that focus of pain and eventually creates frustration. Such a waste of time and it does not make you any happier.

Through a lot of experimentation and the motivation to see the good in the bad, I started using my pain as a design constraint to improve my creativity. Imagine having pain in your knee. You can then setup a rule which does not allow you not use your knee while dancing. Supported by the energy that you would normally waste on frustration, you start to experiment with the possibilities. ( It is always strange to say that limitations create possibilities ... ) These experimentation become the start of many failures that teaches you many moves that you were not aware of at first. Only just the feeling of this challenge can make you feel more focused and ready for more experiments.

Every time you are frustrated, whether it is when dancing, solving a problem or working. See that moment as a cue for creativity. Instead of letting that fact make you stop with what you were doing, let it inspire you to push your own boundaries.

So the next time you are frustrated about something that is holding you back, ask yourself the question :

 " How can I use this shit to push my creativity? "

Another good example of the use of design constraints and what is working against you is the TED Talk of 
Phil Hansen: Embrace the shake

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