Monday, 6 May 2013

Design Constraints to boost creativity

" We do not know
what we do not know "

Creativity can be seen as the exploration of connections between the building blocks we already know, so we can find out what do not know. So far I have observed that creativity lives in all of us. but we might not be all aware on how to make efficient use of it.

Design constraints is one of those existing methods to take control on our personal creativity. To push other people to think out of the box. It is a way to challenge yourself by limiting the freedom we currently have, so we can find ourselves experimenting for an experience that might work as a solution.

I found out about design constraints at a breakdance workshop in Gent (Belgium). Sam, the teacher was giving a task to make combination of dance moves on 8 counts. The challenge he demanded would be to constraint your movement by your own made rules.
  • do everything on 1 leg
  • hold your hands together
  • always look to the ceiling
  • never touch a specific tile on the floor
Not only was this insanely fun, but you noticed people had a lot more focus. They felt a personal connection because they choose those design constraints themselves. You saw a concept in their movement because you could read their inspiration through the whole routine. They made a combination they never thought about. 

You could directly sense that everybody felt a very rewarding feeling after this difficult challenge where they took control about their own creativity by applying their personal design constraints. Through the whole process there was intense motivation in the room which was inspiring to say the least. And this inspiration was spreading to everyone.

Imagine applying these design constrains on your daily job. Imagine challenging your colleagues with different design constraints and make the whole process of solving problem more creative and challenging.